How to set a featured image for WordPress posts automatically

If you are using WordPress for your website and blog you must be already aware of featured image. It is an image which you attach to your blog posts or articles. It is a visual representation of your article.

A featured image gives nice look wherever you show your articles list on your website. Having a plain list without any image next to it makes it look boring.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The featured image grabs your readers attention instantly. It is also shown when your article’s URLs are shared on social media like Facebook.

When you write a blog post you have to create a featured image for your posts manually or you hire someone to make an image for you and you upload it manually.

If you are doing auto blogging and using some software to write articles for your blog, attaching a featured image is not possible automatically.

There are few WordPress plugins available which create featured image for your posts but those are very complicated to setup and use.

I built a custom WordPress plugin for setting up a featured image for each blog posts which is published on your blog though auto blogging software.

It does not require any configuration and setting. You just install it on your blog and that is it. Whenever an article is published and it does not have any featured image set, it will automatically set up a best suitable image matching your articles content.