Implement hierarchical pages in Magento CMS

Magento is one of the most advance and popular open source e-commerce application on the planet. It’s loaded with lot’s of features which you do not see in any other open source e-commerce application. Magento provides inbuilt CMS which you can use to create custom pages and show content from catalog using widgets and cms variables but the main drawback of the CMS in community edition is that It does not let’s you create hierarchy of CMS pages.

We have found a work around to fake hierarchical pages structure without doing any coding. You can achieve this by creating product categories and assign static block to it.

Let say you have 3 pages

  • A
  • |–B
  • |–C

Where B and C are children of A.

What you need to do it. Create three static blocks and name them like following:

A, A-B, A-C

Then create product categories for A, B, C and assign respective static blocks to them. Since product categories support hierarchy and you can assign static block to a category, our purpose is achieved. This way you can setup any number of pages and sub pages. See an example here